Canceling Orders and Refund Policy.

Our order cancellation policy goes thus:
We begin to process your order in 12 hours time after receiving a receipt of your payment. As a result, changes are difficult to make. Please ensure your order is correct before you agree to your order.
  • If you cancel within the first 12 hours after purchase, it is free, although you must notify us quickly through our email or e-chat system.
  • Any cancellation made within 12-24 hours after purchase will cost you a 10% fee of the order you placed, to replenish the material we had incurred for doll production.
  • Canceled orders after 24 hours will attract a 30% fee as even more production time and costs have accumulated.
  • If the doll is completed (a 2-5 day mark) and you decide on canceling the order, you will be charged 60% of your initial deposit.
  • If we have sent off the doll for shipping after completion, there are no offers or opportunities to cancel your doll order.

Refunds will be processed through PayPal or reverted to your credit card, and all transactions should reflect within 1-5 business days, depending on your bank.

Orders that are not cancel-able are below:

  • Orders that have implanted hair. Implanted hair is handmade and costs a significant amount of time.
  • Silicone dolls. They are more cost-demanding than TPE dolls, and once processed by the factory, they are irreversible.
  • In-stock dolls. These are readily available, and if your order has exceeded a 4-hour duration, the dolls have been sent. The postal service may take it before you manage to recall it, and we can't cancel the order as it may put us at a loss and incur a lot of shipping fees.

You are not allowed a refund in the following cases:

  • (a). Undeliverable Orders – Please take caution in providing your postal address. What you give is exactly how your shipping label will be put out. Orders returned to us as undeliverable will incur a 50% processing fee and no shipping refund will be issued.
  • (b). User damage – All of the dolls have operated well in a quality check before we ship to you. When you use the doll, please be careful as any uncertain and user-generated damage will not be covered.
Return Policies.

For these two reasons, once a doll is sold, a return is not allowed:

  • All our sex dolls are custom products and they are all produced according to the customer's request. They may not satisfy other customers and are a business risk.
  • The doll will have been in contact with your skin, and reproductive and sexual organs, which will affect the reselling, as most people don't want second-hand dolls.

Although, if your dissatisfaction is for other reasons, you may consult with us.

Return Policies.

You can get a refund if:

  • You never received your doll. We will refund you or resend your doll if you can wait.
  • You received the wrong doll. Show us an unboxing video with the whole doll body, head, shipping label, and package box, and we will report to our factory and shipping carrier. Upon agreement, we will send you a replacement and a full refund.
  • You received a less-than-perfect doll. Please file a claim with the postal carrier on the reception of the damaged package if it is severely damaged. Dependent on how severe the damage is, a new replacement will be arranged.
For slight damages, we will provide the necessary kits to compensate for the problem.

Refunds are impossible in situations whereby:

  • You have an undeliverable order - Please carefully provide your shipping information, as whatever address you provide is what is printed on the shipping label. If the orders make their way back to us as undeliverable, we will charge you a 50% processing fee and you will receive no refunds for shipping.
  • User damage - All our dolls go through quality control before being shipped out for your use. Please be careful with use, as any suspicious, user-generated flaws will not be covered.
  • Used dolls - No used dolls are eligible for refunds. (See guarantee)
  • Skin imperfections - It's normal for on-screen color to vary between the computer and reality.
  • Finger and Toenails - During shipping and even after persistent use of the doll, the nails may come loose, as we only use light glue to ensure the nails are removable for the buyer's preference. If a nail falls off, or you want to change the doll's nails, you can use lash or nail glue to put it back in place.
  • Loose Eyelash - A spongy eye mask is attached to the doll's face to protect her eyes, but in case the eyelash falls off or the eye mask isn't placed properly, you can reattach it with eyelash/ nail glue.
  • Makeup Difference - We have diligently worked to emulate the makeup done in the photographs, still we are not guaranteeing you a 100% match. Every doll could be different from the picture, and if it is not to your liking, you can rub off the makeup and create make-up as you prefer.

In conclusion, upon reception, you must inspect the entire doll before using it. This is important. If you have any complaints or are dissatisfied, please contact us within 24 hours as that is our window for modifications. Images and videos with details are also important and can be sent to our email which is: We can then work together and come to a mutually beneficial conclusion.

We are thankful for the feedback and implore you to give us some, as it can help us avoid a repeat of these issues in the future.