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When sex dolls initially entered the market, people worried about the legality of it, if it was similar to sexual assault. Some people think the sex dolls are designed to look alike to female since they have cute faces. Besides that, the height of sex dolls is between 140cm-180cm, and at that height, it is same as the real people.

Some countries, such as Singapore, enforce that sex dolls under 140cm cannot be imported (the internationally renowned sex doll doesn’t exceed 140cm) but most countries do not have such regulations. From our experience, full size sex dolls can be securely shipped to the USA, Canada, and European countries without any legal issues. 

Updated on Jan. 2023

We can deliver to USA, all European country, Canada, UK, Australia

  • Shipping is free to all countries around the globe. Please take note: we can’t ship to countries that have strict laws concerning sex dolls.
  • 3-5 days to finish producing the doll and 5-10 days to successfully deliver the doll, all equating to 2 weeks estimated total delivery time.

We use FedEx/ UPS/ DHL for sex doll transport, as they have the option to track the package when it has been shipped.

  • All the sex dolls are brand new and authentic.
  • Our company is verified as an official sex doll reseller, and all our dolls have multiple certifications, such as the CE, ROHS, 6P, and MSDS.
  • All sex dolls sold by us will arrive in new and exact condition, perfectly functional, and look just as they were displayed on the website.
  • We offer a full money back on all orders if the dolls did not meet expectations, i.e if they are faulty or misdescribled, or just weren’t what you requested.

The payment methods accepted by us on our site are listed below:
– All major credit cards and debit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Verve)
– Paypal Invoice ( You can pay for the dolls with your PayPal balance)
– Bank Transfer /Western Union(After ordering, our system will send you our bank account details)
– Digital wallet, Perfecct Money, etc

Security and privacy:
– All payments made on our site are 100% safe and discreet.
– All transactions are protected via advanced encryption technology.
– All payments that come through PayPal are secured by PayPal’s Payment protection.

*Please check more here Payment FAQ

Full size love dolls are made of TPE or silicone, and they we are the same materials used to make the real size dolls. At zxdoll, most of our dolls are TPE dolls and only a few high-end dolls are made of medical-grade silicone.

TPE and Silicone, what’s the difference? Are they not both used to produce dolls?

To begin with, silicone dolls are more sensitive to heat than their cheaper TPE counterparts. TPE may lose consistency or melt when its temperature exceeds 104° Fahrenheit or 40°C. Silicone is less sensitive to heat.

Furthermore,  TPE is softer, more supple, and even more realistic than silicone. Where silicone is stiff to the touch, TPE is flexible.

Finally,  TPE is a porous material, so it is easier to stain with clothing. Silicone is non-porous and will not get stained from clothes. Besides that, it is easier to clean.

As most people have never used sex dolls and some have never had any sort of intercourse, we get this question a lot.

We advise you to start with a full body sex doll or lifelike sex doll first, but sex dolls have realistic skin, adorable faces, delicate bodies, and all the holes needed for sex. They have the same characteristics and feel as women and will give you a pleasurable sexual experience.

While there are multiple reasons for buying lifelike sex dolls, many people go for them because of their cute appearance. These dolls are shaped such that they look like real female – just imagine how happy one would be, having a adult sex doll at home. They are loved because of their small bodies, affordable prices, and innocent appearances.

With increased demands, manufacturers have begun mass production of life size sex dolls, with some manufacturers even basing some off the modern goddess of love so people can enjoy them after purchasing.

The height of life size sex dolls is between 140cm and 170cm, and they weigh between 25-60 kg.

Owning these realistic sex dolls is quickly becoming a popular trend.

If you have by now decided to invest in a adult sex doll, then don’t hesitate, it’s the best sex investment for you. Not only do sex dolls provide you with sexual pleasure, but they are reliable and consistent, whenever you need to use them.

Assembling your sex doll.
– Place the sex doll package in the open space of your room. Lie it down.
– Carefully open the package with a pocket knife or blade.
– Gently remove the sex doll’s head
– Take out the accessories in the box
– Take the sex doll’s body out of the box and mount the head on the body. (If you have questions about the installation, you can reference the YouTube video)
– Start dressing up your own sex doll.
– Start sex with your eager sex doll.

Please note; before you begin, you should clean your sex doll. If you are in anyway unsure of how to do this, you can read more in our blog.

Kiss and stroke your doll. It’s a must for all sex, it’s foreplay!
She won’t object, feel free to do that. Because our sex dolls are all high-grade materials, the love dolls are safe for use and can get close to the skin as they have been treated.

Begin vaginal sex. All of zxdoll’s love dolls have very natural vaginal holes and interiors.
Have fun with gaping anal sex. Do you like tight anuses? Your lifelike love doll has a perfectly tight anus. Feel free to penetrate it without hesitation.
Have you tried blowjob dolls that can give oral sex? Well, here at zxdoll, all sex doll’s mouth can give you pleasure. Start your oral sex as you’ve seen in porn videos.

Attempt different sex positions!
These adult milf sex dolls have built-in metal skeletons that have a full range of motion. So you can enjoy a lot of sex positions with the lightweight doll.
Her weight is beneficial when you wish to attempt multiple sex positions.

Things to note when using a realistic sexdoll.

Most sex dolls have no self-lubrication. Therefore, you are required to use some lubricant.
Your adult love doll is fully waterproof and can therefore participate in shower sex.
Feeling adventurous? She is flexible and lightweight, give it a go!

During sex, you can watch pornographic videos or magazines to get even more into the experience. Your sex doll is forgiving and fun!

Gently wash and store your female sex doll before and after intercourse.
Easy to store and carry around, you can also have your real sex doll tag along on a trip to service you.