Frequently Asked Questions

A : Most people who own sex dolls do not want to go to jail for owning a doll and have turned to dolls as they are the safer option. The sex dolls are constructed from TPE or silicone material mainly and have metal skeletons.

It is legal to purchase and use a sex doll in most countries, but there are a few complications that you have to be aware of in some other countries.

All sex dolls are not contraband in the United States and Europe country.

For customers within the European Union, all sizes of dolls are okay for you to buy on our site. Although in customs, complications may arise, our seasoned transportation experience minimizes the risks. Through railway transportation, 99% of the sex dolls can have successful deliveries. The only problem is that shipping time is long and can take anything from 40 – 60 days. It asks a lot of patience from you.

A : If you treat your doll as you would a partner; take good care of her, wash her carefully and thoroughly, and store her properly, she could last up to 5 years.

A : Of course, you can, she’s yours! Although we would advise you to bathe her first. This is because although we cleaned and dried her before she departed from the factory, she has been in transit and for hygiene purposes, she needs a fresh wash and dry.

After which she can be used immediately, her first night and sexual experience are yours.

A : Yes. Although it is important to note that the pictures are masterpieces, taken by amazing photographers after professional makeup artists had given them a touch-up. The models remain the same as in the pictures. We don’t doubt that you can dress them up even better than we did. We’ve got some beautiful feedback images of dressed-up sex dolls.
A : TPE is a hypoallergenic material, safe, quite soft, comfortable, and supple. The most notable feature of TPE is its flexibility, so as you can imagine, during intercourse with a TPE sex doll, her natural doll breasts swing and sway, making the experience feel even more otherworldly than it already does. An important factor to consider is also that TPE dolls are significantly cheaper than silicone dolls.
A : The sex doll has a strong, high-level metal skeleton, so you can enjoy an assortment of sexual positions.
A : As of right now, almost all TPE and silicone sex dolls are made in Asia. Our factory is the most popular one amongst the competition, and your sex doll is to be shipped directly from the factory in China.
A : We offer you sexy lingerie and a couple of sexy doll costumes, but if you wish to change them, it is recommended that you don’t clothe your doll in inferior or dark-colored clothes so they don’t pollute the sex doll’s skin. In daily use, please keep the dolls away from dark-colored clothes.
A : We don’t recommend additional makeup because you don’t know if it will stain or affect the doll’s material. If you do decide to change up her/ his look, stick to powders. And, as with other things on the doll, always test in an unseen part.

A : Under no circumstances should you use anything other than WATER-BASED sex lubes. Do not use your doll with any others. This will reduce the chance of infections, additional bacteria, and doll damage.

Wearing a condom makes it easier to clean up your doll, but you can go in raw if that is your preference.