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The sex doll torso's popularity has been on the increase over the years, especially as people prefer not to spend a great deal on masturbation, and the sex doll torso fills in the gap. This torso sex doll, with its easy carriage and storage, has become a popular sex doll among males and females. zxdoll has a variety of torso dolls for you to choose from; just choose any which suits your style and preference.

What do we mean by a sex doll torso?

Just like the name signifies, the sex doll's torso is a part of a full-sized sex doll with different heights and weights. Most of these torsos are less than 100cm when it comes to heights and weigh about 5-20kg. While some of them might be just ass and pussy, others come with legs, chest, and sometimes head. The fun fact is a sex doll torso does everything a full-size sex doll can do.
These sex doll torsos also come in different genders; you can find a male sex doll torso, a female sex doll torso, or even a shemale sex doll torso.
Most of these sex doll torsos are made of high-grade, non-toxic, soft, and skin-friendly TPE materials. However, if you are capable, you can go for the more expensive silicone sex doll torso that is more realistic and have a longer lifespan.

What are the types of sex doll torsos available at zxdoll?

There are various sex doll toys and torsos in the market, and these ones are quite exquisite; they not only have the perfect curve, but they equally have realistic nipples and genitals. Get yourself a sex doll torso and have a pleasurable sexual experience.
    1. Female torso sex doll; this is the major sex doll torso, and it resembles the half-body of a woman, with its lifelike boobs, pussy, and anus, but they have no limbs or hands. They have a lot of specifications and sizes; there are 25kg 1:1 female sex torso. There are also miniature versions of about 3.75kg. Many men go for the female sex doll torso because they are great for masturbation, and of course, couples also buy them to aid their sexual pleasure.
    2. Male sex doll torso; obviously, from the name, it's a male sex doll torso; these male sex doll torsos come with realistic sex doll penis. The design is almost like that of the male body. With advancements in technology, there are now balls of testicles that could actually slide.
The male sex doll torso is majorly designed for a woman to masturbate or for the use of a gay. For women, it helps them enjoy riding sex.
Realistically, many people want to buy a half-torso sex doll with a dildo in order for them to enjoy the real pleasure of threesome sex, the penis feels like a real thing, and it's always upright and it's base keeps its body stable, and if you like riding sex, you should go for this sex doll torso.
  1. Sex doll torso with head; these sex doll torso comes with great design, they come with a lifelike sex doll head with big tits, pussy, and anal hole, but of course, it comes with no limbs. It's almost impossible to distinguish from a full-size sex doll, and it's quite easy to carry and move, care for, and store. Sex dolls with heads can also pass for little sex dolls. Hence, if you are on a budget but would like a sex doll, they are the best bet for you to go for. It equally has a penetrable mouth for oral sex enjoyment.
  2. Big booty sex toy; if you are a doggy sex doll lover, then you will like a big booty sex toy because they are designed for it. A realistic ass sex doll is a woman with a very sexy and big booty. This big booty sex doll also comes with two sex orifices, and these orifices are separate, which makes it easy for you to feel the suction when your dick slides into it.
  3. Silicone sex torso; this sex doll torso is made from a premium silicone material that's heat resistant and durable, but it costs so much more.
  4. Shemale sex torso; if you love trans sex and you have seen a Thai shemale, you'll like this sex doll. The shemale sex doll torsos are mainly shemales. It comes with a lifelike genital and a lifelike big tits. If you fancy bisexual sex, then you should add it to your sexual experience. Of the most classic you can get, the 12.1LB Shemale Torso Sex Toy With Dildo."
  5. Sex doll legs; many people's fetish is the woman's leg, and a sex doll's leg is always mostly a woman's two legs. Some of them are 1:1, and some others are small girls' legs. However, some of them have a lifelike vagina and anal orifice, and this sex doll's torso leg also has smooth and juicy buttocks.
  6. Sex doll torsos with boobs and sex doll feet; these two are very rare sex doll types. The sex doll feel is majorly designed with the vagina, and anal orifice on their legs, mainly for those with foot fetish, and the sex doll with boobs is designed with the vagina and anal orifice on the two plump tits. For people who have a breast fetish, it's a pleasure fucking this big tit with penetrable holes.

What does having sex with zxdoll torso sex dolls feels like?

You might have this question while planning to buy your torso sex doll, and it's valid. However, if you get your torso sex doll from zxdoll, then you do not need to be worried; they give a realistic and real sex feeling. Their realistic feeling can be seen in the following;
    • Pussy sex: each of these torso sex dolls comes with a very realistic vagina orifice with lifelike pussy shape and a very lifelike internal structure. If you get some larger size, you will get a designed suction, and if you can get a USB heater, then you are on your way to having warm, tight, juicy, and realistic vagina sex; that way, you have real vagina sex.
    • Anal sex: for many, their fetish is anal sex and at zxdoll, you can get a sex doll with the anal orifice intact and a lifelike internal structure and realistic structures. On the inner channel, it has the design of lifelike vein particles that leads to increase in resistance and it feels very realistic when you are having sex.
    • Tits sex: big tits are most men's fantasy. This juicy female sex doll is very juicy, smooth, soft, and real to the touch. All you need is a tube on her tits, and then your penis can enjoy the pleasure of fucking her. And if you want to fuck any of her orifices, then, by all means, hold the big tits and fuck away. You'll enjoy realistic sex with this big tit sex doll.
    • Riding sex: Women love their G-spot to be stimulated, and of course, they enjoy the dildo because it seems to reach deeper; it's why as a woman, you should go for the zxdoll torso dildo. The realistic and lifelike big male torso dildo is great when it comes to riding during sex and when you ride it, it stands firmly.
      As a man that likes to ride on a woman, then you should ride on a big-ass sex doll and enjoy the pleasure of riding a woman.
    • Transgender sex: Thai ladies and boys look so seductive and sexy. For many people, trans is quite exciting. zxdoll shemale sex doll torso is all you should go for; it would give you a realistic bisexual sex experience. You get big tits and a big dick, and you can choose to play with any of them.
    • Having threesome sex; maybe threesome sex is your fantasy, but the thought of having a stranger join you and your partner is alarming; then the love torso doll at zxdoll is the best you and your partner can go for.

Buying the best sex doll torso

You might have concluded to buy the realistic and lifelike sex doll torso for your sexual pleasure. However, there are still things you really need to put into consideration before you buy. Buying a sex doll torso can cost you a hundred or even thousand dollars, and it's why you need to know these details before you make your purchase.
      • Make your purchase only from a verified sex doll shop; you can buy anything else from AliExpress, Amazon, or eBay, but not a sex toy torso; it's not recommended. In all sex doll styles on the sites, they have no sex doll torso, and the reviews they get are majorly fabricated. Security aside, they might be good at security, but their sellers are unverifiable third-party and individual sellers. At zxdoll, there are all types of love doll torsos with discreet packaging and verifiable payments.
      • Take a look at your budget: depending on your budget, you can go for a large-size sex doll torso or a smaller-size sex doll torso.
      • The material: sex doll torso is made either from TPE material or Silicone material. While the TPE material is stretchy and cheaper, the silicone sex doll torso has heat resistance and more durability, as well as being more expensive.
      • Weight and size; depending on the weight and size, you can decide if you want a full-body torso or a mini-size torso.
      • Shape; the shape matter, and the kind of breast you'll prefer to fuck. Is it a small, big, or medium-sized breast? The waist of your sex doll and whether you want a big butt or a small butt, or probably a medium butt. If you want trans sex, then you can decide to go for the shemale doll torso.

Why should you go for zxdoll sex doll?

Huge collection of sex doll torso

We have over 60 collections of sex doll torsos; we have the big butt toy right to the half-body torso with a head, and of course shemale torso; we have all preferences, and their price range from $59 to $659. We also have the silicone material sex doll and TPE material sex doll. With our many different styles, there's nothing you can't get.
Verifiable payment
We have SSL encryption on our website, and we make sure we have your payment protected by the buyer protection policy that protects Paypal. If your preferred payment method is a credit card, it's quite possible to submit an application for a chargeback if you do not get your purchase or you get something entirely different.
Free and private shipping
For all of our products, we offer free shipping; the prices we display are the final prices except in cases of import duties. When FedEx, UPS, DHL, or TNT are used, you will get your package safely and very fast and in plain brown boxes that do not reveal the nature of your product; what's inside is quite a secret.
Best and low prices
When you get your realistic sex doll torso at zxdoll, you will always get something of low price within your budget. We have reasonable prices for our sex dolls, and our only goal is to provide you with a sex doll that will give you pleasure and will always be within reach.

100% sexual pleasure is guaranteed

At zxdoll, we work hard to give you the best sex doll torso, and your pleasure is our primary concern; we inspect each sex doll torso with care after they are made before we have them shipped over to you. However, if you find any default or probably got shipped a wrong order, we will be sure to refund you fully or partially or get a replacement for you.