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How Does It Feel To Have Sex With A Sex Doll?

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Many people want to know what the answer to this question might be. Is sex with a sex doll realistic? Is it worse than having hobbies with real women? Can you kiss your sex doll or try other poses? Here, we aim to describe the different types of sex that your sex doll can have and how it feels.

Sex dolls have become more and more popular recently, which is not surprising, due to blockades and social distancing in place. Now, many satisfied customers have discovered the fun of sex dolls and are pleasantly surprised by the results. If you are interested in learning about the fun of owning realistic sex dolls, we will answer all your questions here.

  1. What would a kissing doll look like?
  2. How does it feel to pet a sex doll?
  3. What is oral sex with a sex doll?
  4. How does it feel to have vaginal sex with a sex doll?
  5. Can you have anal sex with a sex doll?
  6. How do you get a realistic experience?
  7. Benefits of sex dolls
  8. Types of sex dolls

This is an overview of all sex types from sex dolls to sex dolls. There are also different kinds of sex dolls, which can provide various feelings and pleasures. Now, let’s get into the part you have been waiting for.


The sex doll has a soft face and an open mouth. You can kiss your sex doll, it will be a true affectionate experience. You can even use your tongue! Your sex doll will have all the realistic features of soft lips, tongue, teeth and normal mouth. Feel free to go to France.

All facial features are shaped by real women and enhanced to suit your taste. If you prefer full lips, you can customize the mouth of a sex doll. The throat of the sex doll is also very deep. You can enjoy all the features of real women’s face and throat with realistic sex dolls.


The design of the realistic sex doll feels like real sex. They have soft and smooth skin and are comfortable to the touch. All sex dolls have squeezable round chests, so you can even enter second base. If you want a bigger breast, you can choose the size you like, all parts are made by real women.

All body parts are designed according to your needs, you can find the ideal woman. They have realistic soft and lively nipples, you can choose the size. If you want a stronger connection, you can do the same. The great thing is that you can decide how you want a sex doll.


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Oral sex is a satisfying service that your sex doll can provide. Certain dolls can be designed with deep throats, and they all have their mouths open. The only thing that sex dolls can’t bring is the attraction of real blow job. With a little heating and lubrication, you can still get a realistic feeling.

The mouth is very tight, but use the doll’s mouth gently. Their design is exquisite and realistic. If reciprocation is part of your fantasy, the vaginal touch of a sex doll is also very realistic. They heat up and feel very real, and are 100% anatomically accurate.


The vagina of the sex doll is very attractive. They pay great attention to details in the shape of the vagina. They are always based on real women and provide you with real enjoyment. Having sex with sex dolls feels very realistic. This is definitely an improvement in masturbation and a more complete experience.

All of our realistic sex dolls are equipped with electric blankets or vaginal heaters to achieve better results. They retain heat for a period of time, so once you heat it up, you can heat it up, as long as you keep it up for a while. Add lubricant and try other positions. If you want, sex dolls can be stretched or put in different poses. They are very flexible and versatile!


The vagina is natural and realistic sex dolls also have an anatomically correct anus. Compared to the front, you can also heat them from the back to get a tighter feeling. Sex dolls can simulate the feeling of real anal sex. You can also choose the ass you like.

Sex dolls have a very realistic background, so if you like spanking or doggy style, they won’t disappoint. You can choose the size and hardness you like. The ass of a sex doll will beat like a real girl, so you can have a lot of fun from behind. If you like having sex with a doll like this, you can choose a bending position.


If you are looking for a more authentic experience, it is worth spending a little money. By spending more money, your sex doll will give you a more real feeling. The era of aeration and meat eating is over. Curvy sex dolls can provide adequate treatment, and they look and feel real. Many people say they are blindfolded and can hardly tell the difference.

cheap sex doll will not be so sturdy. You don’t want to break your new partner on the first night. With higher quality sex dolls, you can play longer in the bedroom. Why not play the entire “Kama Sutra”? They are willing to take any responsibility, and they will not reject any position. You can go to third base, missionary, or try anal. Your sex doll will take on everything.


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There are many benefits to owning a sex doll, whether you are single or in a relationship. You will be surprised how many couples want to include a couple to realize certain fantasies. If you want to try a trio, but you or your partner don’t like real people, then realistic sex dolls may be a more suitable choice.

With sex dolls, you will never be dull again. You can change their outfits and even try different colored wigs. Some dolls are even adjustable, you can increase the ratio if you want. Sex dolls are also very suitable for experimentation. They are open to all positions, including oral and anal.

If you don’t pursue commitments, then sex dolls can even be better than real-life partners. They are committed to your happiness, and only for your happiness. When you get home, they will always be waiting for you and can provide an almost real experience.


We are talking about high-quality sex dolls here, not inflatable dolls. There are two main types to choose from. They are thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) and silicon. They are all high-quality rubbers with unique qualities. Based on your budget and preferences, you can decide which materials to purchase. The following are the advantages and disadvantages of each.


TPE is actually a mixture of plastic and rubber. Because of its flexibility, it is one of the most popular materials for sex dolls. It is also very easy to use. Advanced manufacturing techniques (such as injection molding) make the mouth and vagina feel very realistic.

TPE is very soft to the touch and can imitate the feeling of real skin. This is also a very durable tear-resistant material. This means that your sex doll will last longer in the bedroom due to its flexibility, elasticity and incredible shock absorption properties.

The sex doll made of TPE is very realistic. They are squeezable, smooth and tasteless. No artificial latex smell. They are hug and soft to the touch. With TPE, you will definitely get value for money and have an unforgettable feeling.

TPE sex dolls have two disadvantages. TPE is a porous material, which is easy to stain. Therefore, TPE sex dolls cannot be completely sterilized. Remember, if you act like a baby on a sex doll beforehand, it may be best to avoid drinking red wine!


Silicone used in lifelike sex dolls is versatile. It can be hard or tender, and silicone can also be used in actual implants. This means it is very suitable for making more realistic body parts. It has been around for a while, and many advanced manufacturing technologies have been developed.

The silicone sex doll is very realistic. They are also powerful and reliable. As silicone is non-porous, it can be sterilized and will not stain. They are very easy to clean and maintain. The silicone doll is very durable and will not wear out.

The main disadvantage of silicone dolls is the price, but you have to pay for the quality. It is also more difficult and firmer than TPE. This means that some parts are less flexible and squeezable. In general, both TPE and silicone can be made into high-quality realistic sex dolls. They are all hypoallergenic and keep warm. You can safely enjoy a more realistic feeling.

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