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How To Care For Your TPE Sex Doll?

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Are you worried about the care of TPE sex dolls? Here is a detailed and practical tutorial on TPE sex doll care. It will be very helpful whether it is for novices or veterans.


According to the target attributes , we can sum up the nursing experience. This is a common practice, and TPE sex doll is no exception. Therefore, understanding its material properties is very helpful for maintenance.

TPE is a thermoplastic elastomer, sometimes referred to as thermoplastic rubber (TPR). TPE and TPR are easily confused by ordinary users due to their extremely similar attributes. There is another material that is easy to confuse with them, jelly. Having said that, there is a topic not related to this article worth mentioning. Since the sex doll industry is not regulated, consumers will never really know the ingredients in the formula. Even if the sex doll is made entirely of jelly, the manufacturer can still mark it as TPE. This is a distressing topic, and many newcomers are deceived.

Back to the original theme. TPE has many excellent characteristics, such as,

  • Environmentally friendly and non-toxic
  • Hypoallergenic
  • High elasticity at room temperature
  • Easy to process
  • Recyclable
  • Free of Latex and Phthalates
  • Feel soft and smooth

Because it does not contain phthalates, sex dolls made by TPE will not produce unpleasant smells. But it also has flaws. For example, TPE is a porous material and cannot be disinfected with alcohol or bleach. TPE will become a flowable elastomer at high temperatures.

Well, get everything ready, the TPE sex doll care tutorial begins!

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The ultimate goal of maintenance TPE sex dolls is to extend the life of your lover doll as much as possible. Before that, we need to know the minimum standards for caring for TPE sex doll. The state after the basic care of TPE sex doll:

  • The surface of the skin is clean, dust-free and dry.
  • The stains and liquid inside the doll are completely cleaned and dried.

All this is done to prevent the emergence of mold. Mold can grow in humid places, such as the vaginal cavity of a TPE sex doll. If the TPE sex doll is not completely dried, the mold will form black areas in the cavity. A mold infection looks terrible and can make your TPE sex doll die and become an unusable health hazard. This has caused many doll owners to have a headache.


Based on the living environment of mold, we can summarize the three main points of caring for TPE sex dolls.

  1. Keep the outside and inside of the doll dry
  2. Expose all the holes of the doll to indoor air.
  3. Keep sufficient powder on the surface of the doll’s skin and around the love holes.

You may be confused about the third point. What is the use of powder? Powder (baby powder/cornstarch) can provide a certain degree of protection for TPE sex dolls.

As we mentioned earlier, TPE is a porous material. Moisture, sweat, or body fluids can enter these pores and cause micro damage. Over time, the damage will get bigger and bigger. After powdering TPE sex dolls, the powder will prevent these liquids from entering the pores. Is it 100% protected? No, but it will slow down the rate at which these micro-damages occur.

In addition, the powder can reduce friction, make the skin feel good, and also help to remove oil on the surface.

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To maintain your TPE sex doll well, cleaning, drying, and powdering are indispensable. The following is the pre-preparation and operation.


  • Antibacterial soap
  • Water
  • Powder (cornstarch or baby powder)
  • Light sponge/microfiber towel
  • Medical pliers
  • Mini fan (or other alternatives, such as aquarium air pump with hose)
  • Mineral oil (Vaseline/baby oil/Nivea)
  • Gloves
  • Brush


It is recommended to maintenance thoroughly every 2 weeks


  1. Clean the facial skin with a lightweight sponge (or microfiber towel) soaked in mild antibacterial soapy water
  2. Use another lightweight sponge (or microfiber towel) dipped in clean water and wipe gently
  3. Finally, lightly pat the face with a light sponge (or microfiber towel) and let it dry naturally.


  • Avoid excessive cleaning or rubbing to maintain the durability of makeup.
  • Avoid damaging eyes and eyelashes when wiping
  • Never put your head in the water


The cleaning method is basically the same as the head.

  1. Mix mild antibacterial soap with room temperature water.
  2. Gently wipe the surface of the doll with a light sponge (or microfiber towel) dipped in soapy water.
  3. Finally, gently pat her with a lightweight sponge (or microfiber towel) and let it dry naturally.


  1. Soak the prepared sponge stick in soapy water.
  2. Clamp the insertion hole with medical pliers and move and wipe it repeatedly.
  3. Replace the sponge several times to ensure that all the holes of the doll are clean.
  4. Insert a dry sponge stick into the hole to remove most of the water. Finally, you can use a mini fan or aquarium air pump to blow off the remaining water.
  5. After the doll is washed and dried, apply the powder on the doll body and around the hole. Even if you haven’t used a TPE sex doll for a long time, you should refill it regularly. At least once a month.
  6. If necessary, after the TPE doll is completely dry, before applying the powder, soak the parts prone to mold (vagina, anus) with petroleum jelly.
  7. After the petroleum jelly is completely absorbed by the doll, sprinkle the powder on it.
  8. Finally, make sure all the holes (mouth, vagina, anus) are kept open. You can insert an empty pen or similar to maintain ventilation.


  • Vaseline is very suitable for the care and lubrication of TPE dolls. Most importantly, petrolatum does not grow mold.
  • TPE is not resistant to high temperatures, so do not use a hair dryer for high temperature drying. High winds are okay, but high temperatures can’t!
  • If your TPE sex doll has an insert, be sure to remove it after use, clean it and dry it, and do not insert it again before the next game.

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The main problem of mold is prevention. It is most likely to appear in the oral cavity and vaginal cavity. Well, despite the precautions we have taken, the damn mold appeared. At this time, you can try the following methods to remove mold.

The first feasible method:

  1. Pour a mixture of baking soda, hydrogen peroxide and water into the love hole and let it stand for a while (10-15 minutes).
  2. Wash with water.
  3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 until the mold is removed.
  4. Finally, clean and dry completely.

The second feasible method:

  1. Soak the light sponge in pure bleach, roll it up and stuff it into the love hole.
  2. Press the soaked towel roll onto the mold area.
  3. Wait for the mold to disappear, rinse and dry with water repeatedly.
  4. If there is still a little mold, repeat the above operation.


  • Bleach will damage TPE, so don’t use it until the last moment.
  • If it is a detachable vagina, the best way is to replace it with a new insert.

If the above method still does not work, you can try to use a sharp pair of scissors to remove the moldy surface layer of TPE. Look, the mold on TPE sex dolls can’t be worse. Unfortunately, there is currently no way to completely remove mold without harming TPE sex dolls. Therefore, in order for our TPE lover doll to continue to be beautiful, please take adequate precautions.


After the TPE sex doll is made, it will gradually lose its softness due to the evaporation of oil. Over time, the deeper oil will migrate to the skin surface and evaporate, and the result may be harder. The serious consequence that follows is that the vulnerable area may crack. In order to extend the service life of TPE sex doll, we can add oil to it.

  1. Clean and dry the doll
  2. Apply baby oil to the whole body of the doll
  3. Apply Vaseline or Nivea to high pressure areas (vaginal, anus, elbows, knees, underarms, pubic area, etc.)
  4. Wait for the oil to fully penetrate the skin (it takes half an hour for baby oil, more than 6 hours for Nivea, and one day for Vaseline)
  5. Refill the powder

Note: Oil bath for TPE sex dolls 3 to 4 times a year.


  • Always store the doll on a soft object (such as polyurethane foam).
  • Avoid dressing dolls in dark colors
  • Do not use oil-based lubricants.

It is undeniable that learning to care for TPE sex dolls is a compulsory skill for doll owners. If you are a newer, come and get a lifelike TPE sex doll!

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