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140cm - 149cm Teen Sex Doll
It's important to pay attention to the height and size of the sex doll when choosing which one to get because they come in different sizes. Getting the right size love doll helps you when it comes to lovemaking with your sexual partner and gives a very realistic experience. At ZxDoll, this lovable 140 cm sex doll is always the best seller, and they also possess wide sexual skills; you know you'll get the very best with them.
Things to know about the 140cm -149cm sex dolls
Why should you go for a 140cm -149cm sex doll?
Sex dolls' prices are different from one another, based on their prices. If you don't have much money and you equally do not mind a 140 cm sex doll, then you should consider one of these.
Sex dolls between 140 and 149cm are always cute with their names and attributes and in different types. For sex dolls with big breasts and butt, then you can choose from the sex doll with big breast option, and if your choice is a cute doll with small breasts, you will also get it along these.
The 140 cm sex doll does not only have easy movement and carriage, but they are also equally easier to store; with them, you’ll feel the warmth of companionship and shy away from depression with your sexual desires satisfied.
These height ranges have the three most popular best sellers: 140 cm sex dolls, 145cm, and 148cm sex dolls. However, there are also other cute dolls available at other heights because, at ZxDoll, we have different height sex dolls.
These life-size sex dolls are made from premium TPE; they are well-made and can be matched with any fabric of your choice. They are made to detail with a very realistic human-like quality with enough flexibility and durability. All their body parts are lifelike, and they can be adjusted, flexed, moved, and positioned like a real human.
The pros of our 140cm-149cm sex doll
  • A more enjoyable and fulfilling sexual relationship
  • Easy carriage and storage
  • Flexible and have many body parts which can be used, Helps in building a satisfying sexual life for couples
The Types of 140 cm sex doll
Various types of sex dolls ranging from a height of 140-149cm exist. There are very cute, small-chested, blonde-hair and mature black Japanese sex dolls and many more. At ZxDoll, you can choose from 142cm, 145cm, and 148cm made from premium TPE materials. Hence, there’s a guarantee of the safety and quality of these 140 cm sex dolls; you only have to choose your favourite from them.