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Enjoy real and intimate sex with life-like hybrid sex dolls

Some people think that sex with a doll would have no passion in it. It would be cold and distant. And there’s no real intimacy there. WRONG! On the contrary, it feels as real and intimate as it could be. Those who have explored the sexperience of hybrid sex dolls know this very well and rave about it. Hybrid sex dolls are made of a silicone head and TPE body. The TPE material is soft and cushy and the silicone brings out the features of the head just like a real person. These dolls function optimally under a wide temperature range (-65 to 200 ℃) and are as elastic as the Elastigirl! These dolls have incredibly low shrinkage value and the breasts and scrotum remain firm and tender all the time. It’s a heavenly feeling when those soft thingies are straddled over your face.

Characteristics of hybrid sex dolls

Hybrid sex dolls of ZX Doll are made by combining the superior characteristics of silicone and TPE. These two elements come together to create a perfectly chiseled body. Take a look at the top traits of a hybrid sex doll:
  • Silicone head: The head of the hybrid sex doll is made of silicone. Now, Silicone is preferred because of the detailing it provides. The facial features like the tiny freckles, the visible tinge of blood vessels, and the skin integrity are just like a real person. The material is comparatively softer than the alternative and this makes it perfectly suitable to construct the head.
  • TPE body: Thermoplastic Elastomer or TPE is a highly flexible, rubber-esque material that has a firm constitution. It has a high range of temperature tolerance and is well-suited for the doll’s body for this reason. Its smooth texture and soft feel go a notch above silicone. It feels so real that the person having sex with the doll won’t feel any difference at all!
  • Refined physical features: The hybrid sex dolls, especially those found in the inventory of ZX Doll, have the ultimate refined physical features. Be it the hair implant on the silicone head, the realistic eyes and limbs, or the squishy TPE boobs and ass, the physical features are carved out to give a superior look. It’s like a sculptor’s best work!
  • Sturdy skeleton: Hybrid sex dolls are not just about soft body parts, they are built tough around the core. The dolls have a strong metal skeleton where the soft silicone and TPE are wrapped. This is important to keep the integrity of the doll intact. It is much better than those inflatable dolls which are prone to damage. The metal skeleton enhances the shelf life of the dolls.
  • Realistic genitals and anus: Saving the best for the last! This is what you really want to know, don’t you? Well, good news!  The hybrid sex dolls have super realistic genitals. The vagina and anus on the female sex dolls as well as the penis and the anus are just the right kind of tight! The hole measurement is such that It enables smooth and deep penetration.

Maintenance of hybrid sex dolls

Since the TPE material has high resistance to water, high temperatures, and dust particles, the hybrid sex dolls are easier to maintain than you think. The dust granules don’t generally stick to the body and any dust layer accumulated could be wiped right out with a simple cloth. They don’t need to be covered in plastic although a protective cloth covering would be sufficient to prevent scratches. Their flexibility and conductivity make it even easier to clean the dolls as you can stretch the parts during cleaning.

ZX Doll - The top choice for hybrid sex dolls

Hybrid sex dolls are invaluable sex partners to sexually enlightened people. ZX Doll aims to bring more people into this light! We have thousands of hybrid sex dolls at our disposal organized into various categories for every different need. We supply the sex dolls of the best adult toy brands in the world like 6YE, Jim Sanders, AngelKiss, and Zelex. Our hybrid sex dolls are out for sale only after they have passed all the stringent quality checks we impose on ourselves. This is done to provide you with the finest quality sex dolls you’ll ever see. The magnificent features of the sex dolls at ZX Doll are the result of intense effort and planning behind perfecting every aspect and feature.