Making purchases from zx doll is safe, fast and convenient. The payment methods are listed below:


1. Paypal

You can make payments through PayPal; through PayPal, you can pay with your debit/credit card even without opening an account on the platform.

Please note that if the payment fails, you can instead transfer to our PayPal account. For this to work, you will have to note your order number, as sensitive words relating to sex dolls cannot appear.

It is safe and you are protected by the buyer protection policy exercised by PayPal.

2. Credit Card

We accept payments via some major credit cards: MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Verve, etc. We make use of the most advanced SSL security protocols for encryption, so rest assured your payment is secure.

Tips that could aid your process:

If payments fail, our customer service will contact you and find a possible solution so you could try again.
You can choose PayPal to complete your payment. This method is very convenient and has a 100% success rate.

3. Euro Bank Transfer.

After placing an order, our system will send you banking details order details by email.

What to do if the payment fails?

Please contact your bank for inquiries and try again, or make use of our PayPal payment system.

Internet Explorer is not supported.

Please note that at the moment, our system does not work well with an Internet explorer browser. If you are making use of it, the website may not load. Firefox and Google Chrome are the best choices for using the website. If the same issue arises, please refer to the following details.

PayPal is blocking the purchase.

Your credit card or Debit Card is invalid. Examples of

this scenario are invalid cards, expired cards, disabled cards, or overdrawn cards.

Your credit card or Debit card is not authorized for international transactions. Ensure your cards are allowed to buy items from overseas merchants.

If you are getting a receipt error from PayPal, there is an error from your funding source. Contact support for more information.

Check your card.

Do not Honor: The bank is not willing to permit the transaction. Call your bank if the payment fails and explain why the payment is declined and require its release. After that, please notify us and we will resubmit the charge to be approved.

High Risk: The bank requires further confirmation to avoid risks. Please take a photo of your card and email us, then we will give it to the bank for verification and attempt to charge for the service. You can block the number in the middle, but ensure the last four digits are visible.

Insufficient funds: The account does not give sufficient funds to cover the transaction at that time.

Limit exceeded: The transaction you attempted exceeds the account's withdrawal limit.

Expired Card: Please use a different card, the card is expired.

Invalid Credit Card Number: You entered an invalid payment method or pressed the wrong card digits.

Invalid Expiration Date: An invalid payment method or you made a typo when typing the card expiration date. Correct the payment information and make another attempt. If it is a sustained problem, please contact your bank.

Based on Location: The transaction was declined due to location.

Bank's Fraud Rules: The bank's Fraud regulations blocked the transaction.

If these problems continue to arise or your payment isn't processing via PayPal, try:

Making the payment again in a browser that is in incognito mode.

Or changing your payment method at checkout, or using a different card or PayPal account.

If none of these issues apply, contact us with your order number, name, and address, with a screenshot of the error notification so we can assist you to continue the order and confirm the error problem.

Finally, please note that you have the right to receive details of any failed or successful transactions from your bank. Withstanding, if any payment does not go through, please contact either your bank or us.