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User Content:

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Other Parties:

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Breaches of these terms and conditions:

With no predisposition to zxdoll.com’s other rights under the terms and conditions, if there is a breach from your end in any way, zxdoll.com can take any action it finds appropriate to deal with the breach including:

either suspending your access to the website, or prohibiting you from entry, blocking computers under your IP address from entering the website, requesting your service provider to block your access to the website, or initiating court proceedings against you.


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You are not allowed to transfer, sublet or otherwise deal with zxdoll rights and/or obligations under these terms and conditions.

Entire agreement:

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License to use the website:

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Acceptable Use:

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Limitations of Liability:

Zxdoll will not be liable to you (under the law of torts, the law of contact, or otherwise) in association with the contents or otherwise in connection with this website especially as the site is provided at no charge for any direct losses.

For any indirect, special, or substantial loss or for any business losses, revenue losses, income, profits or anticipated savings, contract loss or business relationships, a tarnish of reputation or goodwill, loss or damage of information or data.

These limitations apply to the liabilities even if zxdoll.com has been clearly and honestly advised of the potential loss.


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Unenforceable provisions:

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If a supply of these terms and conditions is considered by a court or law enforcement authority to be unlawful or unenforceable, the other codicils will continue to function. If any part of it was deemed unfunctional or unlawful, that part would be deemed deleted but the rest of the provision will still continue to be in effect.

Law and jurisdiction:

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