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Get the Right Male Sex Doll for Your Entertainment

To get the perfect pleasure, you will need a perfectly sized realistic male sex doll. Do not forget to pay attention to this factor when buying this product. Choose a doll from 140 cm to 149 cm. How to understand the right size of your sex doll? Pay attention to the height and body type of the doll. Find out your own height and the height you would appreciate in your sex doll for quality intimacy support. You don’t want to regret about the size of the doll after you have purchased it. Make sure you have done your research about male sex dolls if that would help you and the best size that fits your needs.

What You Need to Know about the Right-Sized Male Sex Dolls?

Sex dolls can differ in size because of the size differences in people. A tall person cannot manage intimacy time as pleasurably with a short sex doll unless that’s a personal fantasy. To get the right product in this regard, you must look for life-sized male sex dolls. These are sex dolls that mimic the size of a real human being. However, the life-sized sex doll also replicates many other features such as skin tone, texture, the right form of the sexual organs, the softness of the human body, and more. Sex dolls usually vary from size 140 cm to size 148 cm, which is considered the best size range in the industry. The material of your sex doll does not have any significant connection to the size. Whether it is a TPE sex doll or a male silicone sex doll, then it’s mostly given to give the doll its shape and feel to the touch. Sex dolls in all these sizes are made lightweight so that you can carry them. Although a taller doll might be naturally heavier, it is not an unbearable weight to most humans. You get 140 cm sex dolls as the smallest. Then comes the 145 cm ones and the 148 cm sex dolls. Although these size ranges are fixed, you can get a male sex doll in custom sizes by choosing the right provider.

What Do We Bring for You with a 140 cm to 149 cm Sex Doll?

At ZxDoll, we bring quality male silicone sex dolls and TPE dolls in the said size ranges. But, to give you a better experience at intimacy, we custom make the sex doll in the size you need. Plus, size is not where the qualities of our dolls stop. You can get these dolls with unique names. You can get anime dolls. Be it a female or a male sex doll, we made our products as sexy as they can be for all your lovemaking needs. Sex dolls from our end are made to help you manage it better because they are:
  • Very easy to clean
  • Come in the type of material you want: TPE or silicone.
  • Are easy to carry, store, and of course, have sex with.
Do we have any bonus offer for you? Of course, we do! Sex dolls from us are affordable, whether it is a male sex doll with a little stubble or an Ebony female sex doll. Pick one soon! They’re only for you.